01 214 It Never Really Ends (Original Mix) [Cultivated Electronics]
02 214 Nocturnal Hikes (Original Mix) [Cultivated Electronics]
03 22Bullets, The Golden Army Tribal (Extended Mix) [Revealed Recordings]
04 4B Lucid feat Austin Mahone, Abraham Mateo (Original Mix) [Ultra]
05 ASC Saturate (Original Mix) [Arts]

01 88Dubs, SHDOW Whatever (Original Mix) [Project 13]
02 Acid Love Triangle Instant Track (Original Mix) [Lumière Noire Records]
03 Adonai, Adonis FR Chemical (Original Mix) [Trippy Code]
04 Adonis FR Maldone (Original Mix) [Trippy Code]
05 Afropoison Havana (Original Mix) [Guettoz Muzik]

01 214 Voice Check (Original Mix) [Frustrated Funk]
02 39 Kingdom R3vival (Extended Version) [CYB3RPVNK]
03 4th Planet Side Steppers, Gareth Oxby Warning (Original Mix) [Bosconi Records]
04 A.l.e.x.b. The Rhythm of House (Extended Mix) [Drope Records LTD]
05 ACID CLUBBERS Reaction (Original Mix) [Subwoofer Records (OTB)]

01 0010X0010 Escape From Rodeo Drive (Original Mix) [MODULAR FREQ]
02 16B, Omid 16B Hop Bunny (Original Mix) [Badnan Records]
03 4th Planet Side Steppers, Gareth Oxby Phaeton (Original Mix) [Bosconi Records]
04 ADNT Acedia (Original Mix) [Pollen.]
05 Adi Dassler Erebos (Original Mix) [Kowalski Musik]